How can I change the address on My Account?

When you login to your My Account page you can choose the edit address option on the left menu. Here you will see the Billing and shipping address registerd to your account.

Press the edit icon to the right of the address you want to change.

This will open a form where you can edit and change the address details.

How do I change My Account password?

Login to the My Account page and select the Edit Account option. Here you will see the Change My Password section. Enter your existing password in the field provided and then enter you new password in the two fields below.

How do I add a profile image to My account?

When you login and open the My Account page you will see a profile image top left. Press on the profile image to open a popup where you can upload a profile image for your prefile. Please make image no greater than 500px x 500px and no greater that 300k in file site. We accept either .jpg, .png or .gif image formats.